Can't create or edit reports after upgrade to 7.3.1

Just updated to 7.3.1 today and noticed that Reports is either broken or I’m just not doing something correct. I’ve been looking for any documentation on the report module and so far, no luck.

Here is what I’m running into. When I create a report, I enter the Name and Report Module (Accounts). I expand the Accounts dropdown in the left panel and I assume you would drag the field name over into Fields. Nothing happens. If I open an existing report I only get one line in the fields section on the right and that’s it. Can’t do anything with it (set conditions or add additional fields).

What am I doing wrong? I’ve included a snapshot of what I’m seeing for reference.



Could you please ensure that your Permissions and Owner/Group User are set correctly?

Also, if you can access your config.php file, we recommend the following settings:

Under “default_permissions”, set ‘dir_mode’ => 1517 and ‘file_mode’ => 420

Everything looked correct. I did change the default_permissions in the config.php and that did work.

Did I miss something during the upgrade because now I’m wondering what else may not be working correctly?

Is there somewhere where I can get docs on how to use/build the Reports? I’m playing around with it and it’s taking too much time away from other projects that need to be done. Management wants reports built and I’m the lucky one who gets to do it.

Thanks for the config.php info though.



What version did you upgrade from?

Also, When trying to add a field, do you get any errors in your suitecrm.log/sugarcrm.log?
Or, Do you get any errors in your console when trying to add fields? You can open console with CTRL+SHIFT+K in Firefox

Regards, John

Upgraded from 7.1 to 7.3. After the config change, I am able to create/edit reports. I’m just looking for more documentation on how grouping and the sort work.