Can't create event email invite

I’m struggling to get event email invites working.

This is on
Version 7.10.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I’ve created an event and added delegates, but when I go to the even’ts Email Invite tab and double-click on Email Invite Template, I get a single item in the dropdown which is email_templet_list - rather than what I would expect, which is a list of templates. Then when I click on the tick to accept this (single) entry, it disappears.

A grep of the code reveals that this string appears thus:

root@suitecrm:/var/www/html# grep -R email_templet_list *
cache/modules/FP_events/FP_eventsvardefs.php:      'options' => 'email_templet_list',
modules/FP_events/FP_events.php:                $app_list_strings['email_templet_list'] = get_bean_select_array(true, 'EmailTemplate','name');
modules/FP_events/vardefs.php:                'options' => 'email_templet_list',

…but I’m afraid that doesn’t help me much.

Any ideas, kind people?

Thanks in advance

That means. Somehow you don’t have any email template in Your CRM.

Can you check in Listview of Email Template? Do you have any entry in email template module?

And also check your suitecrm.log file on the root of your CRM when your visiting List view of Email template. This may help you find if there are any errors in list.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have 10 templates listed in the Email - Templates module of which the last is “Event Invite Template”. All are system templates.

Nothing is added to suitecrm.log when I view them.

Note that this problem also happens in the demo site.


Turns out it was a bug in the inline edit functionality. Fixed via github.

Thanks again.