Cant create a PDF template

I have a clean installation of suitecrm-7.2.1-max including install demo data.
Now I try to create a template for a quote following instructions on this page:
Create a product group and a couple of products goes OK
Try to create a pdf template.
None of the drop down lists are populated. I cant load the sample templates. I dont see the HTML editor in the text box.

If I examine the database the table “aos_pdf_templates” is empty. I would expect this to contain the samples.

Is the AOS module supposed to work ‘out of the box’ or do I have to do an additional setup or purchase an option?

what browser are you using and what’s your setup?

Client is Chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m /Win8.1. I am also running Malwarebytes.

Server is *nix (not sure of the details)

It seems to work OK when I try with IE11

I have had a look in the source and note you are using quite an old version of TinyMce. I also found this post on the TinyMce forums

“Tinymce doesn’t work on Firefox and Chrome”

The post gives a fox. I will try to see if I can find a fix this weekend.

For the moment the workaround is to use IE.