Can't create a new module due to a strange popup

I am trying to create a new module but I am getting a strange popup that I can not do anything after it pops up other than refresh. Also all of my popups are undefined. I can never tell what they are ( success or error ). See the screen capture video I have attached.

Has anyone see this before? How do I fix this from happening?

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]tGcAvdPGxDQ[/video]

You don’t say what php version you’re using, but if using PHP 7.2 you must change your error_reporting to exclude E_DEPRECATED errors…

Hi m42,

PHP Version 5.6.30

Edit: I forgot to ask how do I go about changing the error_reporting to exclude E_DEPRECATED errors?


[li]For the deprecated warning, check your php.ini.
Change the value for error reporting.

Make sure the value for error reporting contains the red part to turn off deprecated warnings.
Just in case you don’t know where to find your php.ini. Put a file phpinfo.php into the root directory of your Suite installation with following content

[/quote] And request it from the server with your browser. Make sure the permissions of the phpinfo.php are set properly on the server. The location of your will be printed in the output.[/li]
[li]For the “undefined” messages. Your browser cannot load the javascript language file. Check the .htaccess in the root directory of your Suite installation. It should contain a line

Make sure there is the correct path of your Suite. In this example the Suite URL would be http://my-suite-server[color=#ff0000]/my-suite[/color][/li]1. Also in the output of phpinfo is the location of the php-error-log. Check which errors are printed when you try to create your new module.

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  1. for the deprecated error, check your php.ini. It should have something like this:

error_reporting=E_ALL [color=#ff0000]& ~E_DEPRECATED[/color]

Make sure your value for error_reporting contains the red part.

  1. Check the .htaccess of your Suite installation. It should contain something like

    RewriteBase [color=#ff0000]/suite[/color]

Make sure the red part is equal to the local path of the suite installation of your sever. http://[color=#ff0000]/suite[/color]

  1. Check for errors in your php_errorlog, ( the type of log is also configured in your php.ini), that are written to the log, when you try to create the new module and post them here.

All the best