Cant connect database on Windows Server 2012 R2

HI !
I am trying to install suiteCRM on windows server 2012, But I am not unable to connect to the database. It says “The provided database host, username, and/or password is invalid, and a connection to the database could not be established. Please enter a valid host, username and password” i have tried changing the host to localhost too but still doesn’t work.
I can connect thourgh MSSM .

Please help me to install this on.

you’re missing the MSSQL extension in your webserver

best regards

Thanks. I tried that. I downloaded the MS SQL SERVER 4.0 extension and I extracted the extensions under php extenstions direcotry and enabled those extensions through IIS php manager, and then I tried to connect but still the same error message.

Did you restart the IIS Service?

Yes, Now I can see the option for MSSQl but Still it is not going for next step of installation. BUT the login credentials are working on SSM. I have attached the screenshot of the UI. Please help me on this

On SSM you don’t have the “SQLEXPRESS”. Did you turn off the firewall or make an exception for SQL?

I am sorry, I am not aware of that. Can you please explain me on that? How to have "SQLEXPRESS " on SSM?


at ssm on the servername you used the computer name only.This means you don’t use an instance (example SQLEXPRESS). At suitecrm installation delete the SQLEXPRESS that is beside the localhost.

Thank you erevodifosin. It is moving for next step and I got the screen database created but I dont think the installation succeeded.Am I right? When I try to access index page it shows blank screen