Can't change panel name

Hey guys,

In the studio I can’t change the names of the panels in the layouts.
The pencil icon is barely visible, and not clickable.
I’m using suitecrm 7.10 (upgraded), and also tried a 7.10 fresh install. I had the same issue.

I’ve found some older topics and issues but it should have been fixed in newer releases.
Anyone know a sollution?



In 7.10.4, Day sub-theme, it is not visible, but it is clickable.

So there is a color bug, but nothing else, in my tests… I was able to change panel name.

I wonder why it’s different for you.

I think it was an permission thing. I did a new install again and now the problem is gone.

Topic can be closed.



This is not a permission thing. It has something to do with the theme you choose. When i choose the Day theme i can’t see the pencil on a panel:

That screenshot is from which version?