Can't add "Email" field to report for contacts

Right now, when i try to create a report, it doesn’t allow me to add the field to populate email addresses for contacts. Any ideas?

I just tried it on 7.10.29 and it works. Can you try a simple report with just the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields as shown below. Note: In the Module tree you need to expand “Contacts” and scroll down the list to find “Email Address” and click on it. Now the lower box should say “Fields (Email Address)” and you can select the “Email Address” entry to include it on your report.

Make sure that the Module name of the fields selected are nested correctly. For example the “First Name” field should show the Module as “Contacts” and the “Email Address” field should show the Module as “Contacts: Email Address”.

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we are on 7.11.10 and as you can see email address isn’t an option for us.

I was able to create your report using the online demo which is on Version 7.11.18 and it seems to work.

Set “Report Module” to Accounts.
In the Module Tree you can click on and expand Accounts. Then click on and expand Contacts. Now stay in the top Module Tree pane and scroll down to and click on Email Address. You should now see the “Email Address” field in the lower “Fields” pane.

Here’s the report output using demo data.

Does that work for you? You can try the online demo for comparison at SuiteCRM Demo
User: will Pass: will

The field that it is mapping too is not that email field. The default setup is a email1 field that isn’t showing up on the search. This was the default settings for Suitecrm

@rockypour I may be confused (it’s been known to happen). I created a report displaying all account names with the associated contact names for each account and the email address for each contact listed. It looks like the email address on the report matches the address in each contact record. Can you take a look at a video I created illustrating the results and how I created the report.

I can add the main Account email as well if needed. This is in version 7.11.18.

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This helped so much, thank you!

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No problem. I’m happy to help.

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I have a SuiteCRM 7.13.1 instance with this issue.
I’ve checked the checkAccess function on modules/ACL/ACLController.php

and it does include the following which looks like it should allow email addresses to show in reports:

    if (/*isset($_REQUEST['module']) &&*/ $_REQUEST['module'] === 'AOR_Reports' && $category === 'EmailAddresses') {
        return ACLAction::userHasAccess($current_user->id, 'AOR_Reports', $action, 'module', $is_owner, $in_group);

I’ll check out ACLAction::userHasAccess to see if this is buggy

I looks as if this code is never reached
I added a log to see what the return value is for userHasAccess, and didn’t see anything printed.

I suspect the issue is coming from the ajax call to the getModuleTreeData action within the reporter JavaScript…
Made some further progress.

I’ve discovered the Reporter controller’s getModuleTreeData is a wrapper for an Advanced Open Workflow Global Utility getModuleTreeData.

I’ll sprinkle some logs into this function and figure out why its not working.
hopefully it’ll help someone get past this

I’ve figured it out

was empty.
I added the contents from another system.

Running repair rebuild didn’t remove it so I suspect something happened whilst the cache was being created which wiped this file.

Something to look out for

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