Can't add dashlet for a custom module?

Hi All,

I’m not sure when this problem occurred, but i’ve just noticed (v8.5) that i can no longer add a dashlet for any of my custom modules. i get a small loading… txt and it hangs. The same happens when i load sutiecrm directly from the legacy folder.

There are no errors in crm log, but apache logs have …

[Sun Dec 17 23:10:31.460521 2023] [php:warn] [] PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “module_dir” on null in /var/www/html/crm/public/legacy/include/Dashlets/DashletGeneric.php on line 385

and then other errors, which follow on from the above i think.

line 385 suggests that seedBean doesn’t exist?

I could create dashlets for custom modules without issue, so this must have broken during upgrades?

Check function at line 175 onwards:

        // Bug 39517 - Don't add custom fields automatically to the available fields to display in the listview
        if ($this->displayColumns) {

Also, you could check if you have custom code for DashletGeneric.