Can't add Assigned user name to Events > Subpanels > Delegates lists

I try to add new column “Assigned to” in Events subpanel “Delegates”. When I go to Studio > Events > Subpanels > Delegates I see empty table ant can’t add any new column. In other subpanels like accounts or contacts everything works fine.

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On my test system it also shows like that.

My guess is that since Delegates is a special module in SuiteCRM, it doesn’t have full Studio support. It is special because it aggregates data from 4 other modules (Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Users), instead of having its own records.

You might be able to achieve what you need by creating a custom version of this file, with changes:


I hope you’re able to dive into some PHP…

tried to change that file,
tried to create custom directory custom\modules\Delegates\metadata\ for this file
tried to apply Quick Repair and Rebuild

but nothing changed.


For help with technical matters like getting a subpanel customization to work, it’s impossible to help unless you provide extensive and precise information.

Which filenames you used, what you put in the files, which errors or behaviours you got, what you tried to diagnose and debug, etc.

I can’t see any changes, any errors after file modifications. For now I just want to remove column Email to see if changes applying.

I tried to modify this files:





Sorry but I don’t know the exact instructions to give you.

However, if I was in your place, I would first try to edit the layoutdefs using the Extension Framework


Suddenly a modification to this files took effect.

\modules\Prospects\metadata\subpanels\FP_events_subpanel_fp_events_prospects_1.php -->

There’s an option in Admin / Repairs to “Rebuild relationships”, maybe that did the trick?

I tried only Quick rebuild many times but it does not help. I noticed changes after renaming entire custom directory. Ant then after refresh rename back to custom.

Ok. I think that option I mentioned might have helped.

Note that Quick Repair and Rebuild does not handle everything. Most people only try that one, but sometimes (for Javascript changes , for example), it’s the other Repairs that work.

well thank you, i will keep in mind :slight_smile: