Can't access logs

I just installed SuiteCRM. Why can’t I access the logs? Are there permissions I should look at and possibly change?

Which logs?
What errors do you get?
Which flavor of Linux? Or is it Windows?
Is this a self-hosted installation?

Help us help you.

Free BSD
There is a link to view the logs in the Admin dashboard.

Cute, I didn’t know that. I always looked at the logs from Linux command-line.

Sorry for the stupid question, but did you try pressing “All” to actually query the logs? The lines only show after you query.

If needed, check permissions on suitecrm.log file in the root of your SuiteCRM install.

This is how I set mine:
chown bitnami:daemon suitecrm.log
chmod 775 suitecrm.log

But your will probably use different user and group names (the ones used by your Apache web server). Look at the permissions on the other php files on that directory using “ls -al” and use those same users and groups.