Cannot Upload Photos

I’m running Version 7.6.1
Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061) on an in-house server and am unable to upload photos anywhere. I have admin privileges, but have been unable to change the logo, add contact photos, or add user photos.

I’ve used the studio to customize our theme and added the photo field to both the edit and detail layouts, and when I go to edit I can select a photo, but after saving nothing happens and the photo field is blank. Additionally I haven’t been able to find the uploaded photo anywhere on our server. I’ve used both jpg and png. I’ve tried resizing to specifications and nothing.

I’m able to upload documents, but no matter what I do pictures won’t upload.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as I’ve already spent several days browsing the forums and trying simple fixes I found to no avail. I am not a programmer, but we do have one in house with limited php experience who may be able to help with more complicated solutions.

can you share the info of the platform that you’re using to host the SuiteCRM instance? because depending on that you can try few things, what comes first in my mind is that you need you check your file and folders permissions

best regards

We’re using this on windows 2008 web server.