Cannot send Emails in Campaigns

I am on 8.0.1

When I test outbound emails in Admin, they work without problem.

When I go through Campaigns and attempt to send a template to a target list, nothing happens. THe emails just get stuck in the email queue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here are error logs:
Mon Jan 17 18:44:49 2022 [7913][1][FATAL] Error: File [modules/SavedSearch/metadata/editviewdefs.php] is missing. Unable to create because no corresponding HTML file was found.

Hi @coppergalena
Does your all email go in Queue?
Go to the database and then to the email campaign table.
Here, if the status of the emails is showing “1” then you need to change it to “0”.

Yes, all of the emails go to the Queue. Then, once in the Queue, they are stuck. Even a manual send doesn’t work.

I do not have a table name “email_campaign”.

I do have “email” and “campaign” and even “email_marketing”. Is one of those more accurate?

You need direct DB access.

You will need to run this SQL if you think your emails are getting stuck in a queue for any reason.

As I said, this is just a trick for me, it will not solve a real problem.

“update emailman set in_queue=0;”

“update emailman set send_attempts =0;”

Clean Jobs Queue clears any jobs that may have gotten stuck in the queue it doesn’t clear the job logs.

run the query

update schedulers_times set deleted = 1;

I would suggest confirming you have cron running or manually triggering cron with the command php -f cron.php

You may need to add a user to the config.php
Take a look for “allowed_users” and add a new line to the array.

Once cron has triggered the schedulers the email queue should be emptied/start to empty