Cannot reset password - Recipient email address, your server status

I am unable to reset my password. It seems email is not configured properly.

Exchange, SMTP port 25. I can send test emails from the system settings | email settings and from the user | email settings. Email sent from my user sends as the generic system user though.

I’ve searched for a straightforward integration guide for connecting Suite/Sugar to Exchange. Is this an issue with my configuration?

Hi there,

It may be an issue with your Email Settings. Can you confirm with your server host if the credentials are correct.




Have a look in sugarcrm.log for any errors relating to the sending of email. If you turn your logging level up to DEBUG, you should also see the text of the email message that SuiteCRM is trying to send.



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Bruce, I suspect the problem stems from my inexperience with MS Exchange’s email configuration. I’m working on that topic right now.