Cannot move customizations between two servers


I have made many customizations on one server, then exported the changes I made to a package, then on the new system, I used module builder to import the package but it gives me this error in the attached picture.

please help.

Only customizations made in Module Builder are part of the packages. The rest - Studio, Dropdown editor, any code changes - need to be ported by copying the relevant files from the custom directory.

If you’re moving to a clean system of the same version, you just copy the whole custom dir.

Thank you so much.

now the modules I moved don’t list the custom fields I created in the old system but displays them in the layout section. Does this need to be copied manually as well ?

You can export customisations made in Studio from the main page of Studio and then import them in a new system via Module Loader.

The error messages that you are getting are Warnings that should not be displayed on screen: you have to edit your system’s php.ini file and change error_reporting to a value that doesn’t display on screen such type of warning. Search the Forum for error_reporting and you will find plenty of responses on how to proceed.

Furthermore: I believe that your permissions are not set correctly and that could be the cause of the error. There are hundreds of posts in the forum that explain how to set permissions. You may also look at @pgr’s blog where he goes deeper explaining how to do it correctly.

And the simplest of advice: don’t forget a Quick Repair and Rebuild after any migration of customizations. When it finishes, scroll to bottom and if there is a button there to “sync database with vardefs”, press it.