Cannot login after upgrading 7.9.x to 7.10

The upgrade was successful.

None of my user accounts can login after upgrading, both local admin accounts and AD accounts. I can’t find any indication of why – all i see is

[FATAL] FAILED LOGIN:attempts[1], ip[], username[kevin.dooley]

I have attached the log file for an attempted login.

Are you, by any chance, using the SuitePImproved Theme, or any other add-on that changes the login screen?

There were plenty of login problems with those add-ons recently. Search these forums and you’ll find many.

If not, please tell me more about your installation - OS, PHP version…

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That was it – I was using SuitePImproved theme. Everything is working now that I switched back to SuiteP.


in 7.10 the id of the password field is username_password

within suite P Improved this field’s id is user_password

if you look in modules/users/authenticate.php you will see that the authenticate process grabs the password from $_REQUEST;

if the password id is not set to what authenticate.php needs, the authenticator will not receive your password from the form and so it will treat your request as if you did not supply a password at all and not let you login

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