Cannot edit Users permitions on the Roles administration

Hello all!!

We are trying to change the users permissions form User Module. This is a necessary requirement once an user should not either see the list of users or edit their own informations, from profile screen.

Also checked that if I edit the permissions in english, the module is not on the Role administration screen, if I edit in the Spanish version, I can see the Users Module but cannot edit once the select html element is disabled.

Does the SuiteCRM allow Users module permission customization? Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance
João Rebelo Pinto Gomes

Hello all,

I have the same issue as I don´t want users to have access to the User Module so they cant change information and not be able to access the list of users, but I’m not able to configure this in the Role Administration.

Is it not possible to change the User Module Permission has it is on the Accounts, for example?
Is there some way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,
Luís Amorim

Can any one help in this topic?


Maybe you can just go ahead and file it as a bug in GitHub. At least the difference between the English and the Localized version should not be happening; and maybe the ability to restrict accesses on the Users module is something that was left undone.

We are using SuiteP Improved theme, don’t know if this as any impact on the problem.

It’s very possible, the incompatibility was exactly due to a renamed user module field.

Please try it without SuitePImproved and check if it solves the problem.

There is an updated version of SuitePImproved to solve the incompatibility with 7.9.9, but it’s possible that it fixes only the most obvious bug (users couldn’t log in) and doesn’t fix this one. Anyway, it’s worth using the latest.

Yes, we are using 7.9.8 version (upgraded from 7.9.0 due to email bugs) and when we try to enter the solution it was implssible to login. I’l give it a try to the other theme.


Changed to SuiteP theme and the problem remains.