Cannot EDIT "inbound email" - empty EDITVIEW displayed


I come from Sugar 6.5.15 and upgraded to SuiteCRM using the suggested upgrade path, then upgraded to the latest version of SuiteCRM.
Everything else works so far but I cannot edit INBOUND EMAIL accounts that exist neither can I create new ones, it does NOT let me do this.

To reproduce:

  • Go to Admin panel, click on Inbound Email
  • A list with existing accounts is displayed
  • Click on one of the names and the details view will appear with all known information about that inbound email account
  • Click on EDIT (top left) I get an empty edit panel (everything else is still there, but not the expected user)
  • Go back to the list and click on EDIT (the pencil in front of the name), I get an empty edit panel in the same way as above

However, and this is STRANGE:

I have another install of SuiteCRM (SuiteCRM MAX) in parallel with my REAL install as a TEST install, when I set the config.php entry for the DB to the REAL one I can edit the inbound email.
Because of that I compared ALL files for the REAL install with the TEST install and checked whether the REAL install has all the latest files, it has - this is not the problem.

I have no idea why this is happening, I need to get this fixed as I need to change the password for the SugarCRM user!

there must be something missing in your live install or something it can’t access, I would check your php error log

Sorry, can’t resist ;-): off course there is something missing :wink:

On a more serious note: I checked the php log, I increased the value for suitecrm.log to info, nothing hints it.

What I actually did is to copy EVERY directory/file from a SuiteCRM-MAX install (I have one installed as a standard install in parallel) BUT omitted /cache and /custom (I would loose all my custom fields) … but it still made no difference - so it does not seem in the filesystem but rather DB and/or custom.

I added some “error_log(‘i am here’);” into most of the files in the “InboundEmail” module directory - but it never shows up when I click the EDIT link/button but it shows up when I click the DETAILS link/button.

I even changed the theme to other themes … did not help.

I have been using sugar for 10 years and wrote my own modules, so I can hack it - but this one has me stumped.