Cannot duplicate a CAMPAIGN


I cannot duplicate a campaign. After clicking the button, it goes to a blank page with this sentence: Bad data passed in; Return to Home

How can a duplicate it?


Here you can find some suggestions:

Here the patch to your problem:

Hi Matteo,

Thank you for your reply.

The issue you are linking is on regards target list. My issue is that I cannot duplicate campaigns because of this error.

Do you think both issues are the same?

I think that there is a good probability that they are the same or connected.

Cheers Matteo

Hey All,

I’m having difficulty duplicating campaigns. I can’t try it on the demo, as with no email accounts, it won’t let you create a campaign. However, on two installation I have:

7.8.3 when I duplicate a campaign it just says “bad data passed”

on another installation on 7.9.7 I also get “bad data passed”

I know I did this in the past a few versions back and it did work.

Did you guys have any luck getting this to work? Any suggestions?

(Note: this is for “newsletter” type campaigns.

Do you have any clues in your logs? Both suitecrm.log and php_errors.log.

There’s absolutely nothing in the error log or the suitecrm.log in either installation. The two installations are on different servers and running different versions of PHP (5.6 and 7.0) and both have this issue.

I don’t know… maybe try it also from a different computer, it could be a caching problem. If that also turns out to fail, then perhaps it’s time to open an Issue for it on Github…

I did find a bug report on Github. It’s like a year old almost with no activity:


This needs proper debugging, stepping through the code… can you do it? I don’t know if you are a developer.

I’m not a developer. My PHP is very basic. I can spot obvious errors and do simple programs, but in this case I don’t even know which files are involved in the duplication process.

Ok… I’m sorry but I can’t offer to debug this now, I’m working on some of the email problems and that’s a lot of work already, also I try to answer posts here in the forums, I simply don’t have time for everything…

Ok I get it, thanks. Do you know which files I can look at that are involved in the duplication process?

No, I’m afraid I have no idea.

My method when I have to search is:

  • look at the screen and chose a string that looks unusual (so it won’t appear in many places), e.g. “Duplicate Campaign”
  • search the code for that string, that should produce a label name, e.g. LBL_DUPLICATE_CAMPAIGN
  • search the code for that label, and try to figure out things

Of course, sometimes things get complicated, too many similar strings, too many references in the code…

Good luck :slight_smile: