Cannot download translations

I am trying to download the Dutch translations from Translating SuiteCRM core to Dutch language
I cannot download them.
Could someone help me?

This is the direct download link taken from the download button, see if you have any luck copying this to your URL bar and hitting enter. The download should start straight away.

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For anyone who needs to download any other language package, you can get it clicking the download button on the specific language crowdin page:

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There is NO button download. NO BUTTON!!! So thanks to Mac-Rae, we just need to change the name of archive when downloading…
And $#@$#% developers for NO DOWNLOAD BUTTON.

P.s. maybe we need to register there…wait 7 days for approval… I just need to download one file…

@PAV Hi. Once you cool down , if you can please edit your post to make the tone more friendly and respectful, we would appreciate it. We don’t normally use that tone (or that aggressiveness) here, I guess every once in a while we can all get frustrated with something, or even angry, and having a nicer tone really helps make things more productive in the Community.