Cannot delete users


This seems to be an ongoing problem if I look at the forum posts about other people not able to delete users.

I have a brand new install of Suite, run through all the permissions but see now delete buttom to remove users.

Any thoughts?


You can try applying this change manually, or waiting for the next release.

If you try it, tell me if it works well. Thanks.


Line replaced but not seeing a delete button anywhere…in the list or on the individual User page.

Am i missing something?

I don’t know… maybe you got some detail wrong, it’s easy to miss an apostrophe or a quote mark…

I suggest you make a backup of the original file and do a full select all + copy + paste from here

So replace everything that is in the old file, with that entire file.

Thanks PGR, I am able to delete them from the full view of the person’s profile.

Oh :huh:

And where were you trying to delete them from, previously?

I mean, exactly which screen doesn’t work for deleting users?

I thought one could select them from the list view and delete them from a Dropdown similar to Mass Update.
No matter, deleting from the Profile page works too