Cannot Delete or Edit User

On Admin Page I cannot Delete or Edit any user, when I do an inspect on the page I get the following errors

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘return_module’ of null
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (index.php?module=Users&offset=5&stamp=1505501110089416100&return_module=Users&action=DetailView&record=e78bbaaf-9953-2dd9-f922-596148a73dbe:1295)
index.php?module=Users&offset=5&stamp=1505501110089416100&return_module=Users&action=DetailView&record=e78bbaaf-9953-2dd9-f922-596148a73dbe:1295 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘return_module’ of null
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (index.php?module=Users&offset=5&stamp=1505501110089416100&return_module=Users&action=DetailView&record=e78bbaaf-9953-2dd9-f922-596148a73dbe:1295)

It would be useful to look for errors in the logs, not just in the browser.

And can you try to reproduce that error in a different browser?

And in a different system, like this live demo?


I am facing this same issue in suitecrm 7.9.8. When i tried to update user then it gives me error. “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘return_module’ of null
at HTMLInputElement.onclick”

Can anyone guide me to fix this?

I already gave some tips, see my post above.

Yeah as per your instruction i have checked suitecrm.log and upgradeWizard.log files. but i couldn’t saw anything related to this error. Also right now in config file log level is ‘level’ => ‘fatal’.
I have checked it in three browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Can you please assist me what i’m missing here?

UpgradeWizard.log shouldn’t be relevant here. But php_errors.log is.

You’re logging level is the minimal - if you increase it to Warning or even Debug you will see many more messages. Most of them are not relevant, pay attention to the timestamps and try to see if anything looks like a clue.

If you can reproduce on the live demo I would move forward to reporting this as an Issue on github.

I have checked it with log level Debug as well as Warning. But nothing saw under suitecrm.log file. Also it’s working under demo which is provided by you. But Suitecrm version is 7.9.9 and my version is 7.9.8. So is there any issue in version 7.9.8?

Did you check php_errors.log also? Or whatever your web server log is called…