Cannot change page in report

In report module, when sorting opportunities by custom field (actual win date), I can no longer paginate to next 20 opportunities.

To the best of my knowledge, this used to work.

I did all the rebuilds available in Admin. Did not fix the issue.

What can I do?

Using Version v7.5.3 Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)

You’re using a really old version, there have been hundreds of Bugfixes since that came out…

Maybe you can try it on the live demo - if you can reproduce the bug there, report it on GitHub. But if not, you should just be considering an upgrade…

yep demo works

how easy is it for a poweruser like me (non IT really) to upgrade ?

we are self hosted, custom fields only in Studio, no other custom stuff (ie no JS, PHP, etc)

My IT guy says he is too busy

Hhmm if it was just a minor upgrade, like 7.9.14 to 7.9.15, I’d say you could do it, but for this big upgrade I would advise that you wait for your IT guy to have some time…

See here

you need to do it in two stages, first up to 7.7, then the rest.

You need good backups (better yet - try the upgrade in a clone) and you need to do sanity checks along the way, confirm your customizations are working.

I do advise to plan for this upgrade and do it ASAP: there are lots of bugs and security fixes. Also better performance, and more features.

Tell your IT guy to keep an eye on the Compatibility Matrix and to upgrade PHP to v7 while he upgrades SuiteCRM.

Was this ever fixed or merged into core for release.
This issue still appearing on Version 7.12.5 and 7.13.1
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