Cannot backup SuiteCRM on Hostgator

I’ve successfully upgraded suiteCRM 7.0.2 to my Hostgator account. There were some issues with permissions which were taken care of, but now I realize I can’t backup the application. Tech support at Hostgator said that the file was just to big and the backup is timed out before it can complete. Any ideas?

Not sure if this is complete, but can you download all files via ftp? zip it up and archive it. Plus you’ll probably want to dump the database and download the dump file too.

Thank you…I’m kind of in over my head here, any advice is appreciated!


Which backup process were you using ? There is a backup process in CPanel that can be resource hungry and create issues. There is also the one within SuiteCRM -> Admin -System section -> Backups. This is probably the best option but if it is the one you used and it timed out, then I’d suggest dealing with it another way.

If you do not modify the SuiteCRM files directly or do any Studio customisations then the basic application files never really change. So the main file I would copy is just the config.php from the / directory of your installation.

The other bit is the database and that can be done from CPanel using PHPMyAdmin which gives you access to the databases. Select your SuiteCRM database in the left pane, and then select Export from the toobar in the right pane which should state “Exporting Tables from <your_database>” and you select the Go button and deal with it as a download file to your computer.

Armed with a config.php and a current database you should be able to reinstate a basic SuiteCRM install if something goes pear shaped.

Of course, I must state that my experienced is with SugarCRM, but I think that is applicable here.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Tony for your reply and detailed instructions how to perform backups…this is right at my level.

I have been using the backup you described for data from the CPanel and have not had any issue with those backups.

I have been running the application backup through the admin options within SuiteCRM. I’ve been told to run backups with ‘cache/backups’ for the directory…this was successful in previous versions of Sugar but not working with SuiteCRM.

And I do need to make some changes to include new fields etc. The modifications I’ll be making are one of the main things I’d like to protect with a backup.

Is there another way to save a copy of these changes? I was going to try the rootlookup’s suggestion of downloading the files via ftp…if I can. Not sure if this would backup the modified files.

Thanks again for the suggestions, I will keep trying.

Spoke with tech support at Hostgator and they said they had received this error:

“Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer: http://.com/SugarCRM/index.php?module=Administration&action=Backups”

Not sure if that helps or leads anywhere…just following up on the issue.


Does that error come up immediately or only after a period of time? The former would suggest a code issue, while the latter is a time-out.

FTP Using FileZilla (best open-source FTP software)

If you do FTP the suiteCRM directory then it will include the studio type modifications (its been a while since I looked at this but from memory Studio field changes are written into text files as well as some database changes.)

FTP and the database export mentioned earlier is a very clean way of doing it.

Hope this helps


The error message I see is just a general internal server error that comes up after waiting for a bit. The ‘Premature end of script’ error was found by tech support at hostgator and I’m not sure where in the process is appears.

I think your FTP information will help a lot and I’ll be able to continue using the database with some reassurance. I’ve started another database with the standard Sugar CE version which is a little easier to use and learn, or a least less issues. Maybe I can switch back at some point when I’ve gotten more confident with the SuiteCRM.

Thank you again, you’ve been very helpful!