Cannot attach files to Contacts

Hi, on a SuiteCRM 7.1.4 i cannot attach files in history panel (i tried txt or pdf) to a Contact.

I tried with an admin user.

I’m able to attach the same files to an Account.

I see the browser loading and the file is loaded in the upload directory.
But the relation isn’t showed.

In addition to setting permissions, running quick repair and rebuild and checking the logs you could also check your .htaccess file and if you see lines starting with “RedirectMatch 403” you can try removing them either selectively or just all of them (this reduces the security of the installation though)

After you are done possibly it may work.

Please post the result.

Thank you Amariussi for your answer.
I removed all “RedirectMatch 403” in .htaccess and i restarted the server.
I did some more tests.

The issue is already there in the 7.1.1 version.

When i try to attach a file to a contact in the history subpanel you can see “Related to Account” instead of “Related to Contact”.

It’s the same in the Full Form.

Even if i choose “Related to Contact” and i choose a Contact it won’t work.

The Note has been created (i can see it in Notes module)

But the relation isn’t there.

I have done a bit of testing and something is definitely wrong as you have pointed out.

I also tried it on a custom module and, in addition to the “Related to” field there is also a “Contact” field (even when the module is not related at all to Contacts.

I tried checking the code but I still haven’t figured out how it works.

If I find something out I will let you know.
On your side please keep us posted of new findings.

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I cant see anything wrong here. Which version of Suite are you using?

Are you sure you don’t have notes hidden in your user preferences as this will stop the note showing in the history subpanel.

See my attached screen shot.