Cannot add Contacts from an Opp to a target list through the advanced search

I tried to add contacts to a target list be searching opps through the advanced search via a value from an opps field and was not able to add to target list. Is this a bug or am i not able to add contacts off an opp to a target list.

Please help!

Can you make your report the other way around? Make it from the contacts module, while still testing the condition from the Opp? I don’t know if it’s possible, i am just suggesting you try it out.

Another thing (with the same set up you use on your video) would be to check your logs at the moment when you “add to the target list” and nothing happens. There might be some clue there. Check also your browser’s developer console for Javascript errors.

This ended up being the solution. Search the contacts module with contacts > Opps being the conditions.