Cannot Add Condition / Add Action

The “Add Condition” and “Add Action” buttons are not working. This is installed in SugarCRM Version 6.5.16 (Build 1082) and we are using Advanced OpenWorkflow v2.0.1. This is the first time we have installed your workflow plugin in this version of Sugar and this is making it unusable. I have already done a Repair & Rebuild with no issues identified. There is no error message when trying to add a condition or action and nothing in the log.

I saw a post from April on your old support site from someone else using this same version of Sugar but I did not see a resolution. Please confirm that your product works for this version of Sugar and how to resolve, or how to download a newer version.

Yes it should work with SugarCRM 6.5.16.

Have you selected a module to run the workflow on?

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Yes, a module has been selected. This is the 5th installation of this product that I have done and this is the only version of Sugar that is having this issue. See screenshot. Condition and Action button don’t work and don’t produce errors. Is there a new version of this product available?

Any update on this?

Do you receive any JavaScript errors when clicking the buttons?
You can open the console and check with CTRL+SHIFT+K on Firefox or CTRL-SHIFT-J on Google Chrome.

You can also try Disabling AJAX by going to Admin Menu > System Settings > “Configure AJAX User Interface” and Dragging Workflow over to “Disabled Modules”.
If this makes no difference, you can Re-enable by the same process and Dragging Workflow from “Disabled Modules” into “Enabled Modules”


I tried disabling AJAX already. Here are the JS errors that appear when I clicked on the buttons:

Uncaught ReferenceError: insertConditionLine is not definedonclick @ index.php:673

Uncaught ReferenceError: insertActionLine is not definedonclick @ index.php:700

Get this error when loading the workflow record:


What browser are you using? Could you please try this in other browsers to see if it occurs in others?

Also, What are your Server’s Settings?
Are you running Linux or Windows?

What permissions have you set on your installation?

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Issue occurs in all browsers. I don’t have access or know where to find the server settings. We don’t have a developer on staff. That is why we chose your product. What settings should we have?

Hi Joel,

We would need information on your server setup to actually recommend settings. Who maintains your web server?



A third party. What information do you need?

To suggest permissions to set etc. we’d need to know if it were Linux or Windows. If it were linux, what flavour i.e. Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS.