Cannot Add Attachments to Emails

I’m running v7.2.1 and just realized that I am unable to attach a local file to an email when composing from other modules other than the Email module. The little popup dialog never comes up. It works fine if I go directly to the Email module, but not if I compose email from within a record (i.e., Leads, Contacts, etc). Can someone duplicate this issue and see about offering some assistance?


Fix for this was included in 7.2.2.
This is the fix:
After applying it, go into Admin->repair->repair js files.


Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Instead of messing with the files, I simply went ahead and upgraded to v7.2.2. I usually check for available patches, but I didn’t this time, sorry. Thanks again for the help.

I can confirm this is working on IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

PS> For anybody else who may be experiencing this trouble, be sure to get the v7.2.2 patch THEN CLEAR YOUR BROWSERS CACHE before it will work.