Cancelling an email campaign

Running SuiteCRM 7.8.31. I made a mistake and an email campaign got duplicated while the first instance had already started executing. I need to cancel the second instance of the campaign but have not figured out how to do that since deleting a campaign does /not/ delete the queued emails, nor does deleting the target list for the campaign invalidate the already queued campaign.

How can I delete a queued campaign including the queued emails? While waiting for an answer I rescheduled the second instance further out into the future but still need to kill it.

As soon as possible, stop the Run Nightly Mass Email Campaign scheduler job.

I seem to remember you can use Admin / Email Queue to delete queued emails… but I can’t check right now.

I did but since I did not know how to get rid of them, I simply rescheduled the sending two months into the future to be dealt with later.

I looked at the queue and I currently have several campaigns in the queue. There seem to be only two ways of deleting emails in the queue:

  • Going through the entire queue and selecting which ones you want to remove.
  • Waiting until the queue has sent other pending emails and then deleting all that remain.

It would have been great to be able to select emails to delete using a campaign or by date range scheduled to be sent.

Of the two options above, I will use the second one and delete any remaining emails when the other pending campaigns have completed next week.

if you delete them from database it will make your life easier, it will be a matter of seconds to do so.

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