Can Zend Framework version 3 be used for SuiteCRM

I’m evaluating SuiteCRM versus FlarePoint. I see that SuiteCRM uses Zend Framework. Zend Framework is at version 3 but the SuiteCRM Zend Version.php file in GitHub indicates version 1.10.8

 * Zend Framework version identification - see compareVersion()
const VERSION = '1.10.8';

I’ve noticed posts indicating the Zend Framework is not used extensively in SuiteCRM. Is that truly the case? Also, are other users installing with more recent version of Zend Framework, i.e. version 3?

Hi, welcome. It seems you already read the previous posts about this, so I don’t have much to add. I never tried installing a newer version of Zend, let’s hope somebody else comes here with their experience.

May I ask why are you worried about this? Do you want to use the framework for your own custom code, is that it?