Can you use workflows to calculate fields?


I am trying to figure out a non-programming method to calculate fields? I know the calculated fields module is not available in Suite CRM. I was wondering, if if its possible to do simple calculations using the “workflow” module for e.g. if in a module, field a = 10, field b = 20, is it possible to run a workflow to fill field c with value 30 (10+20)?

No, worklfow module can’t make calculated fields at the moment

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Thanks. Wonder if this is possible with reports at all?

You can SUM fields with reports, give it a try

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This is now possible with SuiteCRM 7.8.3

If this is possible in suite crm 7.8.3 than can you please let us know the procedure. I am stuck in it. What is the solution to this problem.Do we have to make the changes from the codebase or what is the minimalistic solution to this problem

Hi taragurung. I would suggest you follow the guide on the SuiteCRM UserGuide (or via this link ). Its really nice … infact i didnt have any problem understanding it.

However,see how I implemented it.


  1. Give the workflow name and dont forget to pick the “Workflow Module”
  2. Choose when you want the workflow to run. for the label Run On: choose “New Records” if you want this to calculate for new records only

Leave empty otherwise, pick the condition.


  1. On Select Action: choose “Calculated Fields”.
  2. On Name: give any name
  3. On Parameters: pick the first and second fields you will use to perform the addition. They will be identified as “Field1 Raw value {P0}” and “Field1 Raw value {P1}”
  4. On Relation parameters: no change
  5. On Formulas: pick the field where you want the result of the addition to be saved. Then on the textfield, type the formular eg. {add({P0};{P1})}
  6. Click Save.

Depending on the “Run On” choice, the next time you save a record, the calculation would be done.