Can you make products in an invoice show up under that products' purchases subpanel?

Sometimes we deal with purchases with no quotes involved, customers just order products without a quote. However for product history to show in the purchases subpanel, there needs to be a quote stage with “closed accepted” selected. If there is no quote and only an invoice, how to I get the products in the invoice to have purchases history? Thanks in advance

can you share some screenshots about what you want

Hi, basically Id like the products purchases to come from invoices, not closed quote. As you can see the item is in the invoice, but nothing under that products purchase history

I can give you a hint.
This data is being populated based on a Query Written in the File


in function


You can modify this query to get the data from Invoice module as well if you know programming.

If you are not familiar with programming type stuff. Then this is not your Game…

Another Option is to Create Another Sub-panel for INVOICE based data display.
You can do it by any way.

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