Can you help me with this error

everytime when i change datatype to DropDown this error occurs

Hey you need to change your php.ini settings to

even though it says there are for suitecrm 8 but they are the same for suitecrm 7 as well

Also in production set display_errors = Off as well

i dont know how to change that and i dont know what is production set display errors haha, sorry but can u be more precise? and thank you :slight_smile:

go to your xammp control panel
Click config
here you will see php.ini click it a text file will open
search this file for error_reporting

Save the file

stop and start the apache server

you unironically saved my ass cuz i have to do this project till 21:00 and if i pass this exam iI won’t have to pay 3k for another year. Thank you so much dude, you are awesome. Next month im getting some job and im going to cash app u (im basically broke cuz i got fired), i wont forget this. Thank you so much.


do you know something about this error tho? it appears when i try to send test email

You can’t authenticate personal gmail accounts into SuiteCRM anym ok I’m
You need a paid/corporate account like
Type accounts

so i cant do nothing about that? damn

If your need is just to test you can use mailtrap
Give you idea that mails are going out of the system

sorry for late reply cuz i was finisihg this. Well i just avoided that part and im praying for the best hahaha. Thank you man so much .