Can you change the character that is used as a single character wildcard?

I am aware that the underscore character can be used as a single character wildcard. The problem we have is that a key field that we use in our data contains an underscore. This makes searching for things trickier as it produces unwanted results. Is it possible to change what character is used for a single character wildcard?

Hi jennyb4

It’s mySQL that defines the two default wildcard characters

  • % percentage sign (for none or more characters of any value)
  • underscore - meaning 'just one character of any value)

Most regular CRM users don’t get told / understand / remember about the difference between the two!
Maybe the work flow for your users, is such that single-character search is useful, and they use it often enough to remember it. Maybe that key field you mentioned.
a) Your users can prefix underscore with \ character -to ‘escape’ the special meaning of underscore. This is probably not much help -if most of the time they do not encounter underscores -it;s hard to remember.

aii) you write javascript/code - to enter the \character behind the scenes for your users (so they donlt have to) , in the search fields.

b) you could see if mySQL can be changed, in it’s ini config files. BUT this may break Suite badly, if the underscore is used behind the scenes in code.

c) you change your ‘key field’ to use something different to underscore - eg dash-.

That would require a few steps:

  • Tell the users its coming
  • run a mySQL query to change all existing data
  • use a Workflow in the GUI, to change whenever a user adds a record/ saves data in the future
  • if you have APIs or IMPORT wizards for the key-field… have to consider them too

Have you used Workflow in the GUI much?

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Hello DJ, you are a star! Thank you so much for explaining it so well and suggesting different options.

Using the backslash will solve the problem for us. We can’t replace the underscore in our key field as it is used all over the place, not just in the CRM.