can we integrate suitcrm with jira software

can we integrate suitcrm with jira software

Yes, It can be done via API.

Thanks for the reply
But can you please suggest me how to implement the api’s, and can you tell me how is the view.


You need to define which module of suite CRM and Jira will be used for sync. Identify the fields that should be mapped along with a relationship.
Then you have to customize the modules in CRM and develope a script that will make to connect Jira via API and vice versa. Based on the API and it’s response you can manage data accordingly.

Thank you very much,can u give me the link where jira api’s are available free of cost.

Here is the Jira REST API link

Thank you very much

I’m afraid I’m not able to help you, but you can do research for companies that work in the field. I can personally recommend Rocketech custom software development team. Hope it’ll be helpful.