can the related to field search be adjusted to search the whole field name and not just the start of the field name?

As you see in the video I explain that i want to have the autocomplete work just like this one :

Where you can type any part of the name and it brings back all that match.


The answer might be on the SQS function:

This sample explains how to customize them:

You can actually customise the Field and then add Jquery Autocomplete on that. I had a bad experience with SuiteCRM SQS fields which were slower and lagging behind what the users typed so i modified those fields in editvewdefs.php to custom code and in my JS, i triggered autocomplete for user input.
here is how you can modify the contents of field in editviewdefs.php

3 => array(
				    	'name' => 'lead_zip',
            				'label' => 'LBL_LEAD_ZIP',
            				'customCode' => ' <input type="text" name="lead_zip" class="yui-ac-input zipcode" tabindex="0" id="lead_zip"  value="{$fields.lead_zip.value}" data-id="lead_zip"> <input type="hidden" name="lead_zip_id" id="lead_zip_id" value="{$fields.lead_zip_id.value}">',

you should add your custom JS too and on document ready, call the change function on input id to autocomplete the contents.