Can’t login after install - no users

I’ve about given up, which is a shame, but no matter what I change, no installation (7.10) will let me log in with the entered admin info. Looking at the tables in MySQL, there are no users. The log files look clean, except for the SugarCRM one, and the output says all ok. I am on Windows 10 running IIS. Does anybody have any insight into what I am doing wrong?

Did you check also install.log?

This is weird, I’d never heard of a similar issue. Normally when I start the installation, I have no database at all, I let the installer create it.

Also try using simpler user names and passwords for the admin, maybe this could be a strange case of special characters in the password, for example.

You can just try a different stack, of course. XAMPP, or my new toy: Ubuntu inside WSL on Windows. Brilliant new technology.

I have a similar issue, but in my case I’m using 8.3.0 and bin/console to install from CLI. The admin user is created, but I cannot login once the installation has completed (without errors).