Can’t get email settings to save!

Specifically, when I try to change the “Enable SMTP over SSL or TLS?” dropdown selector from “–None–” to “SSL”, the screen bounces me back to the main admin screen. When I come back to Email Settings, my selection hasn’t been saved.

Running version: 8.3.0. (Same problem was present in 8.2.4)

Any ideas?

I just tested on 8.3.0 and it worked no problem. I was able to create, test and save an outbound email account and the settings did save.

I think it may be a “you” issue.

Couple of things you can try that normally work for many issues and general troubleshooting:

  1. repair and rebuild
  2. reset file permissions
  3. reset file ownerships
  4. do all the JS repairs and rebuilds
  5. all of the above in a different order.

I am seeing this issue as well, but if you confirm in the database - outbound_email table, you’ll see that the setting did save. Likely something with the call to the database to pull the saved record isn’t being set properly. Does look like it’s working - though I’m seeing intermittent issues with being able to authenticate still, did just spin up this instance so still working the kinks out of it on 8.3.1

I think I misunderstood the problem. It does save and it does work and it does create the proper SSL and/or TLS setting, it just shows on the front end as “none”. I am experiencing that.

Here is the bug report:

And here is the fix