Can SuiteCRM Connect to Multiple Databases?

Is it possible to connect SuiteCRM to multiple SQL databases?

SuiteCRM 7.10.7
PHP 7.2
SQL Server 2014
Windows Server 2012 R2

Single instance to multiple database based upon mulitple URLs?

Yes, it would be 1 instance of SuiteCRM that would connect to multiple databases.

How would the instance to decide what database to use in each situation? Some tables in one DB, some tables in the other? Use diferente DBs depending on the user? What is your scenario?

We would want to connect to 2 different databases to populate data within SuiteCRM, not user/role specific. Perhaps having separate modules connect to each database.

Sorry, but… why do you want to do that?

Because we have 2 existing databases that will remain in tact and are looking for a crm solution to build around them and be able to communicate with them both. So, is this possible?

Strange situation or you may need to just connect to another database for few situations?

Yes, I think you just need to decide which database is your main SuiteCRM database, and then use the second one as an external system with which you are integrating.

Even if for the end-user the experience is seamless, this is what would make sense technically.

Create a view to the external databases from the SuiteCRM database.

This should help: