Can only login from the password reset page

Something has happened to stop me logging in?

A Copy and paste of the error message on the login box says:
Error : You must specify a valid username and password.

But graphically it displays as :

¬ ’ ’ l must specify a valid username and password.

If i click forgotten password and then follow the reset the password link in the email i can login ok.

If i log out the problem returns.

The user_hash value in the database changes after i log out???

If you’re using SuitePImproved theme and you upgraded SuiteCRM you might get this. Could that be the case?

Yes i think so.

I upgraded to 7.9.9. I thought i had suitePImproved - although the admin settings show the only theme installed is SuiteP.

Can you go into Module loader and remove SuitePImproved? Or update it to the newest version (from about a week ago) which should be compatible.

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Aha, thank you.

In addition to removing the theme i also needed to remove “SuiteCRM Custom Login Screen”, which you mentioned in another thread on the subject - many thanks.

Where can i download the newest version of suitePImproved? For the life of me i cant find the link?

You want the one for 7.9.8. at the bottom of the post (but above the comments).