Can not set up Inbound Emails - Fails to Process

When adding an Inbound email account (personal and bounce), after submit the body of the page goes blank and freezes. I do see errors in the log - but would need help to know if this is on my end or part of the application. See below…

I am using the auto-installer on SuiteCRM version 8.

For troubleshooting I’ve installed on three separate sub-domains. One of the three worked, the other two failed using the same criteria.

Have you tested retrieving the folders first to make sure you have a valid connection to the server before you save? If your credentials are not correct it will time out and give you a blank page for sure on save. Not sure if that’s exactly your issues but one road you can troubleshoot.

Yes. Test was successful.

From the logs there seems to be an issue with Symfony. But I don’t have the skill or bandwidth to work through that.

I did get a successful install on a ‘non-preferred’ domain - but that will work for now.