Can not see import email content

I’m using suitecrm 7.10.9, after configured Inbound mail as my gmail inbox I can see i list of my inbox emails, more than 3000 mails…
I tried to click on the read and unread emails, but can not see any email content, every time it returns a page only with the navigation bar menu and side bar…
Seems like not working the action.

Anyone can help?

Thanks a lot!

There is an issue and solution on Github for this:


@adminats, are you also using MSSQL like on that issue that pstevens linked?

My bad, I missed that it was specific to MSSQL. I had this issue a month or so ago and there was a fix on Github for it. That’s the only one in open issues for this problem. The fix from the issue I was having must have been applied already.

I just tried importing an email through SuiteCRM (I normally do it through the Outlook Plugin) and I can confirm. Same issue. The imported email contains no information.

To:, From and Body are all blank.

I’m on 7.10.7

Hello @pgr I’m using MySQL, and it seems not an issue for MySQL

Thanks @pstevens for your solution, yes, you’re right, not an issue for MySQL.

Maybe suitecrm email is not supporting well for multi inbox folders, now I changed the configuration to single Inbox folder, and the mails appear to me.

I’m not sure if the update of OAuth2 configuration would help or not, they are the only operations I’ve made before come back.

Hey All, I just updated to 7.10.10 and this problem seems to be fixed.

I am using 7.11.12 and still got this problem.
I hate to have to dig in the code myself.
Can someone help?

This shouldn’t still be an issue. It’s working for me. I’d suggest some basic things to try.

  1. Reset your permissions (check the forum there’s lots of posts on how to do this via ssh)
  2. Quick repair and rebuild.
  3. Clear your browser cache.

These three things solve like 90% problems.

Also, are you getting any errors in the error log, or if in chrome, when you go to: developer tools, console, errors, are you getting any browser errors?

I am not 100% if we are experiencing the same issue but it is similar

We have connected Outlook emails

Users are using Outlook to send the email, then accessing SuiteCRM to archive the sent email

email connected, can see inbox / sent items

however some emails have no content inside the ‘body’

users can see everything else like date, sent email address but just not body

it is blank when looking through email client and blank when the email has been imported

*noted this is not on every email