can not reply to emails

Hi, we have one group email account set up on the system, We can send new emails from the email module or via a case update. but when replying to emails, once you hit the send button you get the message:

Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

the log file shows:

Thu Jul 5 21:53:03 2018 [1697][1][SECURITY] Email Error: Not authorized to use Inbound Account “Customer Services”
Thu Jul 5 21:53:03 2018 [1697][1][SECURITY] User Administrator attempted to send an email using incorrect email account settings in which they do not have access to.

which is strange as mentioned before, we can send new email, just not reply to received emails.

Under ‘Users > Profiles > email settings > Accounts’ i have made it active
also under ‘Settings > emails setting > Allow users to use this account for outgoing email’ this has been checked.

is there anywhere else i am missing will will provide authorization?

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Please always state your SuiteCRM version (or put it in your signature). I can’t remember which one each person has, even if you’ve told me in another thread… thanks.

Sorry, it is:

Version 7.10.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)



Is the same email account configured in more than one place? So, do you have configured both as a system account, and as a user account in another place?

yes, the email account is used in:



Well, I wonder if that might be confusing SuiteCRM. Can you try using a separate email account just to see if it makes a difference?

will do, just to confirm,

EMAIL SETTINGS - email account in here, is just for system notifications?

OUTBOUND EMAIL ACCOUNTS - This is what case updates and the email composer use to send emails?

INBOUND EMAIL - This is where the email module picks up the emails and also imports into cases?

Am I understanding this correctly, so typically the last 2 would use the same account and the first setting could be something different?


Your terminology is not clear enough for me to answer (it’s not your problem - this is confusing and sometimes things are poorly named).

The main division is between system-wide accounts defined in Admin, and user-specific accounts defined in User’s profile. Both can be inbound and outbound, so those terms sometimes are not helpful.

Accounts in Admin /Outbound can be the so-called “system” account, which handles case notifications, meeting notifications, meeting invites, assignment notifications. But they can also be Group accounts (another bad name) which can in fact be used by a group, but is also the kind of account you need in order to parse incoming email and relate it to existing cases.

This might help

Thanks for the explanation.

changing all users to use external email clients fixed the issue and people can now reply to emails.

However all email settings have an email from name as “Customer Services” but when replying to an email, it is saying it is from “root user” where can this be found?


I think this “root user” thing is a recent bug, you’ll find it on Github probably…

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