Can not archive automatically

Everything is OK on archived emails manually . But it comes problem when archive automatically and the log shown as below:

clsEmailArchive.GetValidContactIDs method General Exception:
Message:Object reference not set to an instance of an object
StackTrace: 在 SuiteCRMClient.clsEmailArchive.GetValidContactIDs(String strExcludedEmails)
Data:{ session = ahuuhec1rt9hl8s666inq04up1, module_name = Contacts, query = in (SELECT eabr.bean_id FROM email_addr_bean_rel eabr JOIN email_addresses ea ON ( = eabr.email_address_id) WHERE eabr.deleted=0 and ea.email_address = ‘/O=FIRST ORGANIZATION=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=Anthony.Chend09’), order_by = , offset = 0, select_fields = System.String[], max_results = 1 }

It seems that what it caused is that the “email_address” value here is a LegacyexchangeDN but not the Email I maintained on SuiteCRM in email format.
Can anybody tell me how I can get it fixed?

:frowning: :frowning: Nobody can help?

This is now fixed with the most recent version of the plugin