Can not add fields to Opportunities

Everything was working fine and great. Then I did the following:

  1. Added 3 new fields
  2. Made changes to detailviewdefs.php to conditonally hide or display fields

Now I can longer add fields to the module. I can add fields to all other modules still. I removed the cache, did a repair and rebuild but it was no help.

Revert number 2, definitely something is messing around the code

best regards

Thanks for the help. It was the edits to the file. I had reached the max size on my row in the Database. Found this out by reviewing suite logs. Suite makes all you text box varchar(255), I had to change some of them to text in the db and that fixed it.

Thanks for the suggestions. I found the problem and wrote about it if you want to know. It had nothing to do with the detailviewdefs.php…

DB limitations…