Can invite_status from Event be displayed in the Events subpanel in Contact?

Is it possible within the Events subpanel for a Contact (Contact_subpanel_fp_events_contacts.php) to retrieve from the relationship table (fp_events_contacts_c) the value from the ‘invite_status’ column for this contact for this event? If it is possible, what would be the approach?

I think that it possible. You can use logichook “process_record”. Documentation here:

If you want more information about logichook write here.

Thank you for this tip! It led me to Showing related module’s related data and this led to a successful result.

One unfortunate finding for managing Delegates in Events is that the SQL code in modules/FP_events/controller.php is not compatible with SQL Server. I found that it has been solved on the Urdhva Tech forked branch but for some reason the solution is not in the SalesAgility master branch. Replacing this file makes Manage Delegates work properly in Events (to set Attended or Not Attended), otherwise it fails due to invalid SQL.

With both of the above implemented, now users can view a Contact’s invite status in the Events subpanel as the status is managed in the Event.

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Is there a PR asking to merge those changes into core code?

There is PR 6852.

You wrote about:

May be it will be interested for you. It is another decision.