Can I use one database with two versions of SuiteCRM?

Since version 7.1.5 the iCal sync does no longer work. :frowning: One potential workaround could be to install an older version, say 7.0.2, where iCal still works in parallell to the current version. The aim would be to access the calendar via the old version from my Evolution calendar. All other work would be done through the new version. For this to work, I should be able to install a fully separate installation of 7.0.2 that would use the same database as the other, current, version. However, while installing 7.0.2 I only got two database options: a) to set up a new database and b) to erase the old and start a new database with the same name.

Is it possible to use two separate versions of SuiteCRM with one and single database?


If you try to use new files with an older database or vis versa a warning message is shown saying that xxx files can only be used with xxx database. You may be figure some work around though.

Yes, after three months of experimenting, here is how got iCal one way sync to work again in version 7.3.2

a) installed version 7.0.2 alongside the current version
b) in 7.0.2 replaced modules/iCals/iCal.php with
c) in 7.0.2 replaced modules/vCals/vCal.php with
d) changed file owner to apache:apache and rights to 755
e) copied iCal intergration URL to Evolution, no username, no email adress, tested and confirmed iCal to work
f) copied the updated vCal.php and iCal.php to my working version
g) confirmed iCal sync from SuiteCRM -> Evolution calendar now works

Please note: I have tried this update several times before with the working version of SuiteCRM without success. For some to me unbeknown reason doing it this way, i.e., via an old 7.0.2 version brought iCal back.

For what it is worth.


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