Can I import delegates into an event


I am new to SuiteCRM and have a couple of questions.

Is it possibe to import a list of delegates into an event?

Also, is it possible to customize information on ‘delegates’? We run training events and would like to track if they actually turned up and if they bought a partner. Stuff like that.

Thanks in advance


Hi Brett,

If your delegates do not currently exist in the CRM, you can import delegates as contacts, leads or targets using the import wizard.

If they already exist and you want to add them all at once you could add all the delegates to a target list and then select the target list and pull them into the event.

Unfortunately you cannot modify the information on delegates shown in the subpanel.


Hi Lewis,

Thanks for your reply.

The delegates I want to import, are not already in the database. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but could you give me more info on importing into the event. I know how to import the leads, but can’t work how to import them as a delagate into an event.

Thanks again


Just import them as leads then add them to the event as you normally would. You cant import then directly as a delegate they have to be a contact/lead/target first.