Can i change the storage engine of the suitecrm database tables


Suitecrm Version 7.9.1

Can i change the storage engine from MyIsam to INNODB storage engine for all suitecrm tables .

Does it affects any dependencies …?

Any suggestions on this…?

I think it’s actually recommended (for performance reasons).

If you Google for “sugarcrm myisam innodb” you’ll find many discussions, and they should apply to SuiteCRM without much change.


Thank you for your reply.

Everyone is recommending for Innodb , even we are prefering that . when went through the discussions found that it does not affect much when storage engine changed rather it would imporve the performance.

Expecting some views on this .

I know this thread is a little older but I figured I would post anyhow since I think this is still relevant.

A few months ago I had the idea to deploy SuiteCRM to an Azure Web App using the Azure Managed MySQL database service. I wanted to stay with MySQL because that is what our current deployment is on and it is what I am familiar with.

The Azure MySQL server does not support MyISAM tables at all which caused my Suite install to fail while creating the ‘emails_text’ table–SuiteCRM’s only MyISAM table. Instead, I installed using a database that supported MyISAM and converted that table to InnoDB. I did not test it on a production workload or with more than the demo data but I found no problems from the outset. This is obviously not a solution for production as it could create any number of day killing problems when you try to update/upgrade the install.

Knowing that MyISAM is all but depreciated and remembering that SuiteCRM only had a single MyISAM table, I saw this as more of an oversight than a performance consideration. I thought it might have been fixed for 7.10, but it has not.

I am no database expert so the only reason I can think of to keep the email texts stored as MyISAM is this table is likely to become quite large and the MyISAM table would allow you to tune it somewhat independently. SugarCRM also recommends against MyISAM now.

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Thanks for the information, and for reminding about this issue.

Have you ever searched Github for this? If it isn’t there, it won’t get fixed in 7.10, or in any other release ofr that matter… :slight_smile:

If you can’t find it, please open an issue there with all this information you have already investigated, it’s useful.

I did look on GitHub and did not find any related issues. I have opened an issue on GitHub. I usually check on these forums first to avoid adding clutter to the repo. :slight_smile:

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