Can I buy support?

Hi I am wondering if there is a support service available to purchase? What are the terms? Can you help me locate an email contact? The link on the website is broken.

I am located in US est.

Yes, use this contact form to reach out for paid support:

If you still need support give me shout. I am us based so I can contacted during normal hours. It can be frustrated when the support is on a different continent.

Walter Johnson 5109859932

Hi xingyu,

If you were still wondering, official SuiteCRM support has now been released. To find out pricing visit the Support Prices or the Support Q&A to find out more! :slight_smile:


Just wondering if the official support includes “general advice” for e.g. in terms of how to set-up workflows and answering basic questions on the usage/features etc? I am guessing this is included in “severity 4” but just wanted to confirm? Also guessing the support is email only?


For general questions yes this would be a severity 4 however some may have to be covered through training. There are 2 ways to deal with support aswell either through email or through our Support Portal.

Hi Walter,
I realize this reply was from about a hear ago, but I’m wondering, are you still available and willing to help with CRM support? We are a small, non-profit organization and having a difficult time finding tech support in the US.

Let me know.


I would love to help you with you Suite installation. Give me a call at 786.708.2607.

Talk to you soon,

Thanks, Walter. Our system is installed, but it appears that some things may have not been set up properly from the get go. So really we’re looking for someone to review current system set up, what needs to be fixed and how. That’s priority #1. We are exploring potential options for ongoing tech support.

Let me know if this still sounds reasonable. I can certainly call next week to discuss in more detail.

Hi Walter,
I just wanted to quickly follow up with you about the status of this project. I met with our organization leadership and was told that I needed to put this project on hold for the time being due to significant organizational change and budget gaps. I will keep your contact information for if/when we pick this back up.

Thanks so much for your willingness to help!