Can aow_processed tabled be trimmed job_queue too?

I’ve noticer the aow_processed* tables grow much much quicker than any other table, with job_queue second. I’m only into one week since clearing the tables and they are already 300MB each. Can they be periodically emptied or old records trimmed? Same with job_queue. I know there is a DB trim function in the scheduled jobs, I would expect job_queue is a standard SugarCRM Community table - is it included in the DB trim scheduled job. I’m guessing aow_processed* instant. If left alone, those tables are going to get HUGE after several months.

Seems there was no definitive answer ever arrived at even in this old thread:

Yes as I might have suspected, data could be necessary to prevent repeat triggering on workflows with repeat not enabled.

Surely there must be a solution or else these tables will get out of control in size?